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Barbados Sea Turtle Project Donations

Barbados Sea Turtle Project Donations
Help Us Help Turtles
For more than 25 years, the Barbados Sea Turtle Project has been involved in conservation of the endangered marine turtle species that forage around and nest on Barbados through research, education and public outreach.

The BSTP operates a 24 hr “Sea Turtle Hotline” to monitor sea turtle sightings and respond to sea turtle “emergencies”. Hotel staff, visitors and beach users are encouraged to call when they see a nesting or hatching, a nest threatened by high tides, or hatchlings disoriented by lights. Hotline response is managed by trained patrol teams, who record information about turtle activities while educating interested persons.

Donations received help us to maintain our ongoing conservation efforts. Thank you for your support!

Donations are in Barbadian dollars (1 USD = 2 BBD)

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