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Carroll College presents a moving play about the first women to attend classes at Cambridge as part of their education at Girton College in 1896. Directed by Carroll alum, Julia Harris, Blue Stockings by Jessica Swale is about the struggle of female intellectuals in the late 1800s. The action involves four very talented female undergraduates and the campaign to be allowed, like their male colleagues, to receive formal degrees at the end of their studies. The play touches on some of the issues surrounding the feminist ideals of the late nineteenth-century new woman including female bicycle-riding and equal education rights. 

Show dates:

February 8th  -  7:30 pm
February 9th  -  7:30 pm
February 10th - 2:30 pm
February 14th - 7:30 pm
February 15th - 7:30 pm
February 16th - 7:30 pm

Ticket Prices
Adults: $15
Students and Seniors: $10
With Carroll ID: $5
Children: $5

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Blue Stockings

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