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Not Available

The Women's Volleyball Camp is currently down for maintenance. Please check back in an hour. Thank you.
I hereby authorize the staff of the Carroll College Volleyball Camp to act according to their best judgement in any emergency requiring medical attention. I, for myself and for my child, hereby release and agree to hold harmless Carroll College, its employees, and the director and staff of Carroll College Volleyball Camp of and from all liability, claims or causes of action from the illness, injury or death of my child resulting from or incurred during attendance at the camp. I acknowledge that Carroll College and the camp do not provide insurance of any kind for the camp's participants.
Your deposit will be refunded, less a $75 charge, if notification of cancellation is received one week prior to start of camp. Refunds after that date, less the $75, will be made only for medical reasons upon the receipt of a physician's letter. Campers who leave during the week due to illness or injury will receive a prorated refund. No refunds will be given to campers who leave voluntarily or are sent home due to disciplinary reasons.