Hands Across the Border, Mexico

Hands Across the Border (HATB): Each year, a group of students travels to Mexico, spending their Spring break in various acts of ministry. This year, we will be returning to Ensenada, Mexico. We have various student teams that focus on one area all week: VBS, women’s shelter, adult rehab facility, orphanage and a construction team.

We would like to thank you for your support of our Vanguard University mission trips, domestic or international. To assist you in understanding your options under the complex IRS guidelines regarding contributions for mission trips we provide the following information. We do not provide any tax counsel or guidance to a donor, nor does VU assume any responsibility other than as required by law.

In general the only time a contribution can be considered a tax-deductible contribution for Mission trips are:

1. When the donor understands that the financial gift is a gift and is not refundable

2. The university at all times maintains administrative control of the trip and the expenditures related to the trip

3. The Mission trip is consistent with Vanguard University's mission and and the trip is not of recreational manner

Any contribution toward a Vanguard University sponsored Mission trip must be accompanied by this electronic form. Please read the following options carefully and decide which one applies to your contribution:

OPTION 1. I wish for the attached contribution to be treated as a tax-deductible contribution and release full control of the contribution to Vanguard University. I understand the university retains full administrative control over the trip and that the trip is intended to further Vanguard University’s mission. The funds may be applied to the individual or team requested, but if that team does not travel, the funds will be used to support another VU Mission Trip.

Option 2. I wish for the attached financial payment to be used to cover the expenses of the person listed below for the purpose stated herein. In order for this payment to be designated for the explicit use of the stated individual as well as to be refundable in the event that the individual listed is unable to participate, I hereby waive any consideration of this payment as a tax-deductible gift.

PLEASE NOTE: You will have the opportunity to select an option on the following page. Once again, we thank you for supporting our Missions Outreach and for assisting us in maintaining good stewardship of all funds received.