Compliance and Ethics in Skilled Nursing Facilities

Compliance and Ethics in Skilled Nursing Facilities
Participants must complete both parts 1 and 2 to earn the certification. Please select from the dropdown which sessions work for your schedule.

Part 1 - Thursday, May 6 at 10 - 11 a.m.
This training helps skilled nursing facility leaders and staff understand ethics and compliance by describing three steps: 1) Do the right thing, 2) Report, 3) Respond. Participants will learn about CMS requirements for a compliance and ethics program and the role of policies and procedures related to quality of care and other compliance issues. This session addresses consent, privacy, respect, confidentiality and quality of care. Participants are given examples of ethical challenges in skilled nursing facilities and options for reporting concerns. Much of this Part 1 training focuses on direct care ethics while Part 2 addresses organizational ethics.

Part 2 - Either Tuesday, May 11 or Thursday, May 13 at 10-11 a.m.
This training is targeted to skilled nursing facility leaders to help them better understand the development and maintenance of a compliance and ethics program. The session addresses organizational ethics related to policies and procedures, resource use, billing, and regulatory compliance. Participants will learn about the main parts of a compliance program: 1) Policies, 2) Procedures, 3) Reporting, 4) Response. Participants will learn more about the background and details of recent CMS requirements for a compliance and ethics program and the positive outcomes of an effective program. The training will focus on methods of reporting and responding as well as the role of an identified compliance officer. It is recommended that participants attend a Part 1 session prior to Part 2, but that is not required.
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