Child Welfare Series 2021 | Cultural Competency: The Pot is Boiling Over. Can you Hear It?

Friday, August 6,  from 9a.m. to 12 p.m. Trainer: Sandra Bibilomo, LMSW

This training will provide an opportunity for child welfare workers to identify issues within the process related to white privilege, racism, implicit bias and power which impacts their ability to provide positive outcomes for all involved.

It will also equip child welfare workers with tools to self-identify to these issues and to provide resources for increasing their understanding and identify areas for additional training. Current definitions, case examples and discussion will be used to demonstrate the need for increased cultural humility and cultural competence as the method for delivery. Introduce the NASW Cultural Competency Standards as a guideline to measure effectiveness in the child welfare process.

CE offered: 3 SW, Certificate of Participation

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