"By brave and honest recognition, coupled with a deft ability to glide between realms of perception tripped open by memory and emotion, Maxine Scates reconstructs a life undone by the brokenness of family, friends, and self. Nuanced, mysterious, intimate. Beautiful poems." -Dorianne Laux

"A new book by Maxine Scates is always a notable event and Undone-a book notable for its skill, range, and depth of feeling-is no exception. While the language is rich and various the poems are also admirable in the way they confront everyday life with a clear and steady eye, weaving the past and present together seamlessly and giving us views of American society usually ignored in contemporary poetry. This is clearly one of the finest books of this or any other year and deserves a wide audience and our deep appreciation as readers." -Vern Rutsala

"Maxine Scates's poems have a profoundly human and humane character, ranging with their tender exactitude from dogs and horses to a drunken father, assorted strangers, and odds-defyingly dazzling giants. Scates moves nimbly through memory, music, literature, feelings, and landscape to arrive with apparent ease at the unexpected but true heart of the matter. Undone is a fearless collection, or rather it's full of fear but stares it down fiercely to make beauty palpable, pain bearable, and to offer wisdom that's intimate and welcome." -Barbara Ras

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