Golden Age Program

The Physical Fitness in the Golden Age program currently offers an online program. Members may select from three different membership options with the following services:
1) General Membership: General members receive access to three pre-recorded YouTube training sessions that members can follow on their own, considering their own schedule. This option does not require the program member to be online at a specific time, but the limitation is that members do not receive a live interaction with a session supervisor. 
2) Golden Membership: Golden members receive live (real-time) training sessions via Zoom with a program supervisor, working in a group setting together with other members, following a generic training plan. Golden members also receive the three pre-recorded YouTube sessions if they wish to complete those sessions in addition to their live Zoom sessions.
3) Personalized Premium Membership: Premium program members receive a personalized training plan, designed specifically for their unique needs, strengths, and limitations. Premium members also receive one-on-one training sessions over Zoom with a session supervisor for a predetermined number of sessions per week.

In addition to these fitness program memberships, the Golden Age program also offers yoga sessions. The yoga sessions are also carried out over Zoom in a group setting, with a trained and experienced yoga teacher. For each membership options the full-semester payment covers a 4-month time period. The 4-month program periods include:
- Beginning of January through end of April (Spring semester)
- Beginning of May through end of August (Summer semester)
- Beginning of September through end of Dececember (Fall semester)