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OMOD Event: Bouldering Competition

OMOD Event: Bouldering Competition
November 10
South Campus Recreation Center
$20 Students | $30 Faculty/Staff/Community

Ole Miss Outdoors is hosting the Rockin' Rodeo, our inaugural bouldering competition in the new South Campus Recreation Center. This competition is open to climbers of all abilities, and offers three divisions for males and females: Recreational, Intermediate, & Advanced. Compete in a fun and friendly atmosphere and challenge yourself on various boulder problems set up on our brand new 70 linear-foot bouldering wall. Register prior to October 24th and you will receive a shirt with your entry fee.
The Department of Campus Recreation requires submission of a completed Membership Cancellation Form in order for a membership to be cancelled and for a refund to be requested. The Membership Cancellation Form may be scanned and emailed to (with a written signature) or turned into Turner Center Office 214. The membership will be considered cancelled on the last day of the month of the submission of this form. A pro-rated amount will be refunded to the member requesting cancellation. The refund method is based on original form of payment: Payroll Deduction: If full membership amount has been deducted: refund will be processed for time not used. If full membership amount has not yet been deducted: will stop deduction. Allow 7 days for processing. Cash or Check: Will be refunded by check, sent to address indicated above. Allow up to 8 weeks to receive check. Credit Card: Will be refunded on credit card in Office 214 during business hours. You will be emailed a confirmation once your membership cancellation has been processed. Note: locker rentals are non-refundable.

If you cancel prior to the pre-trip meeting date (the Tuesday before the trip), you may receive 70% of the total payment, if the trip is not booked with an outfitter or travel agency. Refunds will not be available after the pre-trip meeting unless you find substitute to take your place for the trip. If you find a substitute, that person must register in the Ole Miss Outdoors office and pay in full. Once they have paid in full, you will receive a full (100%) refund. Should you find a substitute and he/she pays in full before the pre-trip meeting, you may also receive a full refund. 

If the trip is booked through an outfitter or travel agency (or any 3rd party service provider), you must find a substitute for your spot to receive a refund. If you find a substitute, that person must register in the Ole Miss Outdoors office and pay in full. Once he/she pays in full, you will receive a full (100%) refund. Ole Miss Outdoors books trips with outfitters far in advance and must fill spots to avoid losing money, and outfitters do not generally offer refunds to the University. Therefore you are responsible for filling your spot if you register and can no longer go on one of these trips.