Cyber Threat Defender Starter Deck

The Cyber Threat Defender (CTD) starter deck enables players to build their networks while defending against real world cyber-attacks. Designed to teach the essentials of cybersecurity information, each deck includes 54 cards: Assets, Defenses, Attacks and Event cards.

With an average game lasting 20 minutes, players will learn basic cybersecurity terminology, reinforce understandings of a network infrastructure, learn about the relationships between cyber-attacks and defense counter measures, real-world challenges, facts and historical information connected to this STEM field, and much more.

NOTE: Gameplay requires one card deck per player; two starter decks are needed to play.

When ordering your Starter Decks, you may select:
• One Player (One Starter Deck) - $12
• Two Players (Two Starter Decks) - $24
• CTD Family Pack (6 Starter Decks) - $65.95
• CTD Group Pack (25 Starter Decks) - $300. A group pack comes in a CTD box with rulebook.

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International Orders: Purchasers are responsible for any customs and border charges.

Prices range from $12.00 to $300.00 (price depends on options selected)