Tournament Kit for Hosting a Cyber Threat Defender Tournament

To help you host – and promote – your Cyber Threat Defender tournament, we invite you to order the “How to Host a Cyber Threat Defender Tournament” digital kit. Once the order is received, the CIAS will email you a packaged file with the following items:
  • Tournament Release Forms (these templates go over tournament behavior and policies; a general marketing release form; and medical treatment consent form)
  • Pre-tournament promotional materials (flyers, social media templates, logos)
  • Media (event press release, media alert and social media guide)
  • Tournament Items (name badge templates, introductory PPT, table tent cards, score sheets and match slips)

After you have received your tournament kit and have reviewed it, you are welcome to reach out to the CIAS for a consultation call about hosting your own tournament.

This tournament kit does NOT include the Cyber Threat Defender Starter Decks required for playing, nor does it include other gaming accessories such as the game mat or booster packs. These items must be purchased separately.

NOTE: By hosting a tournament, you agree that you will use the marketing and promotional items provided in the kit and will not create your own. Tournaments nationwide should be branded and promoted in a similar manner.

Please email the CIAS with any questions or concerns at