Advanced Network Defense - Job Role Training


With this course, you can be among the few who transcend the old idea of the hacker having all the fun. Take pride being the defender, form an offensive mindset to skillfully orchestrate robust and solid defenses, and reinvent popular belief by beating the hacker at his own game. You will be evaluating advanced methods of defense fortification bringing you closer to establishing perfect security best practices and methodologies you can apply to your environments. This course teaches segmentation and isolation to reduce the effectiveness of advanced persistent threats. On completion of this course, you will receive a printable certificate of completion, as well as a badge that can be exported to badgr for use on LinkedIn and other sites. This course is taught by renowned cyber security expert Kevin Cardwell and includes extensive hands-on exercises, in order to learn by doing, as well as video teaching material.


  • Firewall administrators
  • System architects
  • SOC analysts
  • CERT team members
  • Forensic analysts
  • Network administrators


This course will cover fundamental areas of fortifying your defenses, including methods of developing a secure baseline and how to harden your enterprise architecture from the most advanced attacks. Once a strategy for a fortified perimeter is defined, the course moves on to defending against the sophisticated malware that is on the rise today, plus the importance of live memory analysis and real time monitoring.

In this intensive, hands-on course, you will:

  1. Attack an enterprise equivalent network at each layer
  2. Design defense mitigation mechanisms to reduce the attack surface
  3. Deploy the latest best practices for secure network design
  4. Learn how to analyze processes running on a machine for infection
  5. Learn a process and methodology for analysis of RAM for infections from sophisticated malware
  6. Explore hardware decoys and deception techniques


Upon completion, you will be able to:

  • Identify the potential weaknesses on a system and network
  • Mitigate the risk of attack success with segmentation and isolation
  • Deploy ingress and egress filters to reduce the risk to a network
  • Perform advanced memory analysis to identify potential malware intrusions
  • Install decoys and triggers to identify sophisticated intrusions
  • Analyze and reduce a network's attack surface

Basic web application knowledge (HTTP, URL parameters, etc.), networking concepts (TCP/IP, DNS, etc.), and familiarity with the Unix/Linux command line.


40 hours, self-paced. Pause and continue at any time.

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