Poster One:
The "Think Before You Share" poster, featuring Cyber Threat Guardian characters, is the perfect wall accessory for young learners! It reinforces learning objectives within the Cyber Threat Guardian card game about the types of devices that can connect to the internet and to "think before you share" via email, social media and various types of messaging.

Poster Two:
The "Protect Your Identity" poster, featuring a Cyber Threat Protector character, is designed to excite young learners and remind them to always protect their identities online, whether on a computer, playing digital games or connecting smart devices, like a TV, to the internet. This is also the perfect complement to the Cyber Threat Protector card game and a great addition to any classroom wall!

Poster Three:
The "Don't Catch Bad Phish" poster, featuring Alan CyBear and Vint CyBear, is designed to remind students to be cyber aware and avoid phishing scams. While this poster also promotes Cyber Threat Defender (check out Vint CyBear's CTD hoodie!), it was created to also complement both the Cyber Threat Guardian and Cyber Threat Protector games/posters or be used on its own. This is a great addition to any classroom wall in elementary, middle or high school!

Each poster size is 24"x36" on smooth satin paper.

Note: Bulk discounts are available when you order 5 or more posters. Contact the CIAS to learn more via