CIAS-ISAO Webinar: Incident Response Planning

Join us Tuesday, June 28th for a deep dive into the nuances of proper Incident Response Panning within your organization. The CIAS will discuss challenges, outsourcing and when you should escalate and to whom.

Why are Incident Response Plans Critical to Your Organization?
Incident response plans are critical to an organization's ability to minimize damage caused by threats, including data loss, abuse of resources and loss of trust. Many laws, regulations or cyber-insurance providers require organizations to implement and exercise Incident Response Plans. A well-designed plan ensures a prepared approach to mitigate impacts on your organization's critical business services.

Jeffrey Reich, a senior information security instructor with the CIAS, will introduce this topic via WebEx. Webinar attendees may also get a copy of the presentation slides.

The webinar is $25. If you would like to attend this webinar at no cost as a CIAS-ISAO member, please complete registration at Level 1 membership is free and also gives you access to the webinar at no cost. Once membership registration is completed, you may login into the CIAS-ISAO website and register for the webinar.