CyberCon SCADA HMI - Vulnerability Exploit Training - October 2020

CyberCon SCADA HMI - Vulnerability Exploit Training - October 2020

Program Details

Experience hands-on training in real-time using examples of real-life scenarios that run in a live virtual environment. This course is designed to train IT professionals. During the course, participants will be required to monitor, investigate and mitigate security incidents around an in-house SCADA System.

Scenario Overview

Your plant is under attack! The attacker enters the SCADA network by exploiting an outdated web server that is installed on a computer on the SCADA network. The attack cripples the plant completely, using Modbus Force packets to toggle the plant machines such as turbines and centrifuges on and off.

  • Course Date and Time:
    • Last Week in October 2020 - Times TBD
  • The main activities of the course include:
    • Scenario-based training: Investigate the virtual environment, using the most widely used training platform in the world.
    • Scenario debrief: Instructor will discuss the solution of the scenario, including an analysis of participant’s results, additional insights, mitigation plans and more.
    • Security Utilities Training: Training and exercising on key investigation tools. Content is dynamic and may change to suit participant’s knowledge and the time available.

Registration for this course will close on Monday Oct. 26, 2020.

Limited to the first 20 registrations.

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