Research Impact Talk - A Foundation of Strengths: Inspiring Hope & Growth in Children & Families

Thursday, September 19 from 6 to 7:30 p.m. at the Adams Alumni Center, Lawrence. Our world is a hectic and complicated place these days, with constantly changing technology, non-stop schedules, and ongoing social justice issues. In this Research Impact Talk, we invite you to learn more about how both families and professionals who work with families can utilize a strengths-based approach in navigating their relationships and the services that they are receiving or providing in order to inspire hope and growth. Dr. Amy Mendenhall will describe how a deficit-focused, or pessimistic, perspective can stunt growth and success, introduce the Strengths Perspective as an alternate lens for viewing the world for both families and professionals, and provide concrete guidelines for actively applying strengths-based approaches to family interactions and relationships and services for children and families. To ground this talk in practice, Dr. Mendenhall will describe an example of her work in developing and implementing Strengths Model case management for youth (SM-Y) in Kansas community mental health centers. At the end of this presentation, attendees will be able to: · Recognize the impact of deficit-focused or pessimistic perspectives on the growth and success of children and families · Describe the Strengths Perspective as applied to child and family well-being · Apply strengths-based approaches to family interactions & relationships and to the provision of services for children and families Research Impact Talks are open to the public and free. Free childcare (space limited to 24 children) will be provided on-site courtesy of Hilltop Development Center. A light meal will be provided for participants with kid-friendly options for children.