DAAP Research and Innovation

The University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) has launched the Center for DAAP Research and Innovation (CDRI) as a platform for intersecting disciplines to address the complex and faceted socio-technical issues of our current times. UC and DAAP are leading places for research and innovation and through CDRI we have the possibility to transform health and wellbeing, sustainable living, urban systems, digital futures, and creative entrepreneurship. We are inviting you to learn about our center and partner with us for research and innovation. Engage with us via tailored research trainings, workshop and project sessions to drive your organization’s innovation. You can also partner with us for research and support students doing research for impact. Your funding makes a difference in not only generating new insights but also implementing and impacting communities and health equity, diversity, sustainability, disease management, to mention a few.

Fund your passion! Investing in our students and faculty for stronger futures.

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