CCHA Training

CCHA’s trainings are developed and led by experienced CHWs, this includes our specialty trainings. We use popular education techniques and participatory learning to build on the individual experiences of our trainees. This learning style ensures a more engaging learning environment for learners to not only learn from their facilitators, but also from their fellow trainees.

Our goal at CCHA is to provide training at an equitable cost. We have 3 tiers for our training programs; full cost, reduced cost, and independant cost. The reduced cost is for organizations with budgets less than $200,000. The independent cost is for CHW's who are paying out of pocket (certification not required). 

If you need a reduced cost fee, or have any other training related inquiries contact the Center for Community Health Alignment Training Manager, M. Greg Green via phone (803) 673-4610 or email

If you are interested in a hosting a training please fill out our training request form