Spain - Deposit (03/01/2021)

This years’ University Summer One Study Abroad Program will take place in Cadiz, Spain, the oldest continually inhabited city in all of Southwest Europe and a member of The Most Ancient European Towns Network with over 2000 years of culture. This town of 130,000 (roughly the size of Columbia SC) is located on a narrow slice of land surrounded by the sea and is host to a wealth of stunning vistas, beautiful beaches, windy alleys, large plazas and a plethora of well preserved historical landmarks; ancient city walls, palaces, castles and cathedrals.

Cadiz, on the Costa de Luz (coast of light) is uniquely situated at the mouth of the Straights of Gibraltar as they open to the Atlantic Ocean. A short distance to Portugal, the Rock of Gibraltar, and Morocco, it opens the doors to the whitewashed architecture and hanging flower baskets of Southern Spain as well as to the culture of its close neighbors.

Students will reside with Spanish host families while attending two courses at the acclaimed University of Cadiz and adapting to the vibrant, outdoor, late eating life of Spain.

Our provider, CML, coordinates and provides support in reaching the cultural and academic goals of study abroad. One objective is to amplify and develop the knowledge of the Spanish language the student currently possesses. This will generate, in addition to bettering their quality and fluidity of expression, the ability to adapt and respond spontaneously to different situations and in the natural context they will find themselves immersed in on a daily basis. Included in this program are:


Students will be awarded 6 hours of credit. Three will be received for SPAN 350, a culture course, and three will be transfer credits for the language course. Both may be applied to the Spanish major, minor, elective, or general university credit and both are two hours daily (45 contact hours each) In addition to classroom work, cultural and academic excursions are included weekly to enhance and complement the material. Transportation, guides, and entrance fees are included on these excursions.


Students will be placed, two to a family, with Spanish only speaking families who have been well researched and vetted by CML. Most have participated with the program for many years. These families provide an insight into the true Spanish way of life and an opportunity to speak the language in a consistent setting. They also provide three meals daily and laundry once a week.


There are two excursions outside of Cadiz included in the program. The first is Seville, settled along the banks of the Guadalquivir River, home to multiple world’s fair sites, gypsy neighborhoods, and steeped in historical relevance. We will be picked up in Seville on day one and be provided a city tour and accommodation. We also have tours and accommodation in Granada. A city nestled at the foot of the Sierra Nevada Mountains yet one hour from the Mediterranean Sea, and home to the Alhambra: a Moorish palace city and world heritage site. A cooking class and traditional dance class will be offered weekly so everyone can learn to make and enjoy the delicious local dishes like Gazpacho and to dance Sevillanas and Flamenco in addition to weekly visits to museums and other places of interest.


Application is available on Study Abroad’s web page and due no later than March 1, 2021.


- 6 credit hours of language and culture and CML Resident Support (3 from Span 350; 3 transfer from University of Cadiz) applicable to Spanish major, minor or other requirements. - Home stay with three meals a day and laundry once a week. - Weekly dance and gastronomy classes and weekly cultural visits. - Overnight stay in Seville and overnight trip to Granada including visit to the Alhambra. - Airport transport on arrival and departure + Orientation and Farewell meals. - Cell phone rental and computer/internet access at CML center. Program fee: approx. $3,950* Must have minimum GPA of 2.5 and be 18 years of age and completed Span 210 (see Program Director for exceptions).

Not Included: - USC in-state tuition for 3credits and technology fees to paid on VIP prior to departure. - Round trip Airfare USA-Spain-USA (leave May 28 to arrive May 29, 2021). - Passport fees/personal items/telephone calls. - Optional entertainment and excursions/ excess baggage fees. - Some meals on excursions or by choice. - Local transportation.

For further information and for Deposit and Withdrawal Form contact the program leader:

E. Teel Evans at

*minimum 15 students