TechInLaw LegalTech Seminar - Harnessing Generative AI in Law: Balancing Innovation with Ethical and Practical Risks

TLSA Presents - Harnessing Generative AI in Law: Balancing Innovation with Ethical and Practical Risks

March 21, 2024 @ 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Online via Zoom
1 Hour Ethics (LEPR) CLE Credit 242636ADO

Generative AI is rapidly transforming the legal landscape, offering unprecedented capabilities for drafting documents, conducting research, and even predicting legal outcomes. However, harnessing this power responsibly requires a nuanced understanding of its inherent risks. This one-hour presentation will delve into the dual nature of generative AI: its potential to revolutionize legal practice while introducing new ethical and practical challenges.

This presentation will explore the following key areas:
  1. Assessing the Risks: I will identify the potential pitfalls of using generative AI, such as bias, inaccuracy, and lack of transparency. Participants will gain knowledge of how best to assess such risks.
  2. Identifying the Right Tools for the Job: I will demystify the diverse AI tools available and break down their strengths and limitations in specific legal tasks. This will empower participants to make informed decisions about when and how to leverage generative AI for optimal results.
By the end of this session, participants will be equipped with a baseline understanding of generative AI's potential and limitations within the legal domain. 


  • Colin Levy, Lawyer and Legal Technologist , Director of Legal and Evangelist, Malbek

Faculty Bios

Colin Levy  - Colin S. Levy is a lawyer, author of The Legal Tech Ecosystem, and a prolific writer and speaker. Throughout his career, Colin has seen technology as a key driver in improving how legal services are performed. Because his career has spanned industries, he witnessed a myriad of issues from lack of due diligence and systems to underutilized technologies, to generalized fear or overwhelm around technology. Colin's mission is to bridge the gap between the tech world and the legal world by being a guide to the world of legal tech and advocating for the ways technology should be another set of tools in the lawyer's toolbelt.

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