LegalTech Series Seminar CLE Recording - Cat Moon - "The Delta Model: Lawyer Competencies for the Computational Age”

LegalTech Series Seminar CLE Recording - Cat Moon - "The Delta Model: Lawyer Competencies for the Computational Age”
"The Delta Model: Lawyer Competencies for the Computational Age”
Caitlin “Cat” Moon, Director of PoLI Institute and Innovation Design, Program on Law & Innovation and Lecturer in Law, Vanderbilt Law School

“Computers and automation have carried organization to as high a level of efficiency as atomic energy has carried physical power. They can be expected to affect the relationship of the elements with which they work to the same degree atomic fission has affected its elements. It is submitted that most attorneys are not aware of the magnitude of changes that have taken place. Even worse, they have no basis on which to speculate about changes yet to come. Their awakening may be rude and jolting.” — William Fenwick, “Automation and the Law: Challenge to the Attorney.” 21 Vand. L. Rev. 228, 263 (1968)

Bill Fenwick, a founding partner of the Silicon Valley firm Fenwick and West, could make the same observation today as he made 51 years ago in his student note while at Vanderbilt Law.

We know that globally, the world of work is changing — and drastically. The World Economic Forum’s 2016 Future of Jobs Report warns us: “While the implications of current disruptions to business models for jobs are far-reaching, even daunting, rapid adjustment to the new reality and its opportunities is possible, provided there is concerted effort by all stakeholders.”

Instead of a rude and jolting awakening, let the legal profession be intentional and prepared. And we can be. When armed with agile, iterative frameworks like the Delta Model for lawyer competency, we have the capacity to include all stakeholders in identifying and amplifying the most important competencies needed to deliver legal services effectively and ethically in this Fourth Industrial Revolution and beyond. And to prepare accordingly.

The Delta Model, a holistic competency framework, leads us to reimagine the legal professional by broadening our understanding and application of competencies and skills and including roles that extend beyond traditional JD-required ones. The Model builds upon existing research such as the Carnegie and MacCrate reports and frameworks including the T-shaped lawyer model and integrates original research, with the goal to create a data-based model reflecting both what we know about effective lawyering and an iterative approach to reflect and adapt to change as it happens.

In this interactive talk, Professor Cat Moon will share practical applications of the Delta Model and invite participants to consider how its relevance and application can serve to help legal professionals at any point in their career to plan proactively to thrive in this computational era.

1 hour Ethics/CompCon/Tech CLE credit (202000ADO)

Participants who sign up for the online seminar recording will be contacted by Assistant Dean for Academic Technology Gary Moore with instructions on viewing the recording.

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