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Bread 101 - October 14 - Chef Du Jour - McCutchen House

Bread 101 - October 14 - Chef Du Jour - McCutchen House
Freshly made bread is an incredible treat that everyone loves. Bread is not difficult to make if you understand the basic steps, ratio of dry to wet ingredients and the proper kneading techniques.
In our extended class, we'll take you through the entire bread making process from ingredient selection and how to make dough to kneading techniques, loaf formation and baking. We'll also show you how to use the dough to make different types of shaped rolls. A light lunch will be provided.

Price includes sales tax.

Please remember, all classes begin at 9 AM. There are many events in the city scheduled that might hinder normal traffic patterns, please plan accordingly for possible delays.

This class has an extended time requirement of 6 hours (9 AM - 3 PM) and will include lunch for the participants.

Bring your confirmation email with you to the class, this will serve as your entry ticket.