AAS Full Kit

This kit is all inclusive! It has everything you need to monitor your stream for the core parameters with the Freshwater sampling kit, and for determining habitat health with macro-invertebrate sampling. Each component is packaged separately and come with gloves, paper towels, writing implements and a folder with instructions and helpful information. The Freshwater monitoring kit, including a Dissolved Oxygen Test Kit, a pH Test Kit, a water thermometer, whirl-paks, fixed volume pipette, sterile tips, Petri-Flim plates, spreader, 2 250ml beakers, a cooler, and ice pack, as well as a rinse bottle and rinse bottle come packaged in a mesh backpack, the incubator and Max/Min thermometer are sperate . The macroinvertebrate supplies, including 2 sample tubs, 2 specimen trays, a small net, tweezers, re-usable pippette, plastic spoon, magnifying glass and either a D-Net or a Kick Net as specified in your order, all inside a mesh bag. To see component look at the descriptions under the kits for the individual components. **All kits must be picked up at the Watershed Ecology Center in Spartanburg, SC.**

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