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TUITION - Installment 3 of 4 - Due Jan 15

TUITION is an annual fee paid in 4 installments. This is the third installment, due January 15. Be sure you know your dancer's level before submitting your tuition installment. Check out a detailed schedule here.

PRIMARY levels include Pre Ballet (3 and 4 yrs old), Primary 5 (5 yrs old), and Primary 6 (6 yrs old).

GRADED LEVELS 1-6 placement is by audition only; contact USC Dance Conservatory via email if you have questions about your dancer's level.

COMMUNITY TUITION per quarterly installment
Primary levels, $100.00
Level 1, $200.00
Level 2, $250.00
Level 3, $300.00
Level 4 and Pointe, $400.00
Level 5/6 and Pointe, $425.00
Add Contemporary, $62.50

USC Faculty / Staff / Family Discount 5%
This applies if the dancer is a child of a USC student, faculty or staff member; if the dancer themselves is USC Faculty or Staff; or for families with more than one dancer enrolled.
USC Student Discount 50%
This applies only if the DANCER is a USC student.

There is a 2.5% convenience fee for all payments processed through the USC Marketplace.

Prices range from $32.81 to $435.63 (price depends on options selected)