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TUITION - Full Year

TUITION is an annual fee which can be paid in full in August with the Registration Fee before classes begin. There is also the option to pay in four installments; please go back to the main page if you prefer to pay in installments. Tuition is based on the number of lessons in the entire year. Be sure you have submitted your Registration Fee and Form and know your dancer's level before attempting to submit your tuition payment. Check out a detailed schedule here.

PRIMARY levels include Pre Ballet (3 and 4 yrs old), Primary 5 (5 yrs old), and Primary 6 (6 yrs old).

GRADED LEVELS 1-6 placement is by audition only; contact USC Dance Conservatory via email if you have questions about your dancer's level.

COMMUNITY TUITION for the full year
Primary levels, $400.00
Level 1, $800.00
Level 2, $1000.00
Level 3, $1200.00
Level 4 and Pointe, $1600.00
Level 5/6 and Pointe, $1700.00
Add Contemporary, $250

USC Faculty / Staff / Family Discount 5%
This applies if the dancer is a child of a USC student, faculty or staff member; if the dancer themselves is USC Faculty or Staff; or for families with more than one dancer enrolled.
USC Student Discount 50%
This applies only if the DANCER is a USC student.

There is a 2.5% convenience fee for all payments processed through the USC Marketplace.

To complete your registration, you must submit both the Registration Fee and Tuition payment. Be sure to add both to your cart.

Prices range from $131.25 to $1,742.50 (price depends on options selected)