26th Annual Comparative Literature Conference Faculty/Scholar registration

This conference invites critical reflections on food.  We invite the analysis of the cultural, historical, and political depth of topics such as culinary traditions, foodways, narrative representations, and emotions around food practices in a global perspective.  

Food Studies is an exciting growing interdisciplinary field, combining approaches ranging from literary and textual analysis, cultural studies, history, anthropology, and environmental studies. Indeed, Food Studies bring to light the usually hidden everyday life experiences entangled in producing, transporting, selling food, and eating. The expansion of Food Studies as a transdisciplinary field has made us aware of the relevance of culinary practices and manners in political and racial formations around the globe. 

We invite scholars in the humanities and social sciences to submit abstracts on topics including but not limited to :  

  • Food in cross-cultural encounters
  • Food, subjectivities, and identities: racial, gender and sexual representations
  • Culinary citizenships
  • Hunger
  • Food sovereignty
  • Agriculture and countercultural food movements
  • Food, Women, and Feminine Agency
  • Disgust
  • Food and Health
  • Food Access and Social Justice
  • Food and Ethical Consumption
  • Food and Social Movements
  • Food and Intellectual movements such as Cannibalism and Anthropophagia
  • Food in Films and Cooking Shows
  • Food as Spectacle
  • Food and Senses
  • Food in travel narratives
  • Vernacular literary practices such as menus, cookbooks, food and restaurant reviews