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Worlding the Disciplines: An Interdisciplinary Conference University of South Carolina, February 25-28 2016 Over the past two or three decades, as global economic and cultural integration has accelerated, academic disciplines in the humanities and social sciences have begun to re-think what it means to practice an academic discipline in a global context. This shift has had different impacts in different disciplines. This has sometimes meant (re)discovering or inventing new objects of study, acquiring new skills, or even developing new theories and methods. Whatever the case, most disciplines continue to be challenged by the task of making their project a genuinely global one. The goal of this conference will be to think comparatively across disciplines about this project of “worlding the disciplines.” Can we learn from each other? Can world historians teach scholars of world literature to ask new questions? Can disciplines that have always been transcultural offer lessons to newly-worlding disciplines, and vice versa? What role do culture-specific skills, such as language learning, have to play in global studies? This conference will welcome both paper and panel proposals on these and related questions. cpltconf@mailbox.sc.edu

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