Application Fee for Tufts in Annecy

Tufts in Annecy is a summer program based at CILFA (Centre International de Langue Fran├žaise d'Annecy), an institute that specializes in teaching French as a second language to students over the age of 18. Tufts' affiliation with CILFA provides students with quality language instruction and helps students benefit from the study-abroad experience by enhancing integration into the culture. Tufts in Annecy students take courses at CILFA in Annecy, but are supported and assisted by a Tufts professor and Tufts University, in Talloires.

Students enroll in an intensive French language course specific to their skill level, attending language classes in Annecy for twenty hours per week (usually four hours per day, Monday through Friday). CILFA has been affiliated with the University of Savoie since 1999. It is located in Annecy-le-Vieux, between lake and mountains. Taught by native speakers who are experts in the teaching of French, each course aims to develop and improve French speaking, listening, grammar, reading, and writing skills. The Tufts professor oversees the placement of students at the appropriate level and follows the progress of each Tufts in Annecy student. The professor provides academic support and guidance as well as personalized individual tutoring in order to supplement the classes and administers the final Tufts University French grade.

Note: Application Fees are non-refundable.

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