2023 R&D Executive Learning Series: Managing Diverse Teams Group/Custom Rate

Recent research exploring workplace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) dynamics has demonstrated the damaging impact that exclusionary acts can have on team dynamics and employee outcomes among drug development professionals. Given the interdisciplinary and collaborative nature of drug development, not addressing these dynamics can have costly consequences in the form of reduced team morale and trust, decreased productivity, and eventual turnover. Thus, it is imperative that leaders understand ways to effectively navigate and manage team dynamics to ensure that they can attract and retain diverse talent. This 3-hour virtual session has been designed to provide leaders with tools and resources to help them effectively manage DEI dynamics within their teams. The session will cover relevant concepts and frameworks to improve team dynamics using a DEI lens. This highly interactive, interdisciplinary workshop blends topics from management, organizational psychology, and organizational behavior, contextualized within the drug development industry. During the workshop, participants will learn and discuss how DEI dynamics, such as microaggressions manifest in teams and learn how to spot and address exclusionary behaviors to build team trust and psychological safety, while reducing turnover intentions and burnout, and ultimately increasing team productivity. Importantly, the workshop builds upon and incorporates studies conducted among industry professionals to make the insights relevant to a drug development audience, ranging from sponsors and CROs to academic research centers and beyond. To find out more, please reach out to: [sarah.wrobel@tufts.edu].