Last Folio: A Photographic Memory

In 1942, three-quarters of the Jewish population of what is now Slovakia were deported to concentration camps within a few months, including Yuri Dojc’s grandfather. Many years later, Dojc returns to his ancestor’s home, camera in hand. Serendipity leads him to an abandoned Jewish school in eastern Slovakia, where time has stood still since the day when all those attending were taken away. What he finds inside, as well as in the abandoned synagogues and cemeteries he visits, are the remnants of an ancient culture that was wiped out in an instant. Dojc’s remarkable images are both artistically and historically powerful. In their near abstract composition, they tell us more about how these people lived than about how they perished.

Title: Last Folio: A Photographic Memory

Authors: Yuri Dojc & Katya Krausova

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