New Member Membership Fee

TMC Membership is open to all of the Tufts community – students, staff, and faculty. The membership fee is on a pay-what-you-can basis, but we recommend that members pay $15 if they are able. Regardless of the amount you pay, by signing up for a TMC membership you'll be able to rent gear from TMC, sign up for trips on the Trips Board, and receive our weekly newsletter while funding direct costs of TMC operation (on-campus events, purchasing and maintaining gear, Loj maintenance, and our financial aid program). The outdoors is an inherently exclusive space, and TMC is committed to increasing accessibility in any way we can. The most tangible and direct way of addressing this is by offering financial aid to anyone for whom a monetary cost would be a barrier to involvement. Membership payments are our primary source of income, so your payment not only allows us to host programming for the entire club but also support members of our community who may not be able to participate otherwise.

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