Winter 2022 Farm Business Planning Course

Register today for our Farm Business Planning Course to create a mission and vision for your farm business. In this course you will develop a budget and a plan to fund your business, create a marketing plan for your business, set goals and create a timeline for your farm business to grow, and then weave those elements together into a cohesive business plan.

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Questions about the course? Contact one of our instructors: Kevin Cody or Ben Zoba.

The Farm Business Planning course will be offered once in the fall and once in the winter. The course meets for 8 evening sessions filled with information and activities that will help you write your farm business plan.The Farm Business Planning course is designed to help you create a written plan to start or expand your farm business. If you are interested in growing on our incubator farm, you must have a business plan. If you are new to farming, it is recommended that you first take our Explore Farming workshop before registering for this class so that you can best assess what resources you currently have and what resources you will need to start farming before creating a written business plan.

The Farm Business Planning Course fee is $400. Additional business partners can register at 50% off the cost of the course fee if accompanied by a full course registration. Limited needs-based scholarships are available.

Prices range from 200.00 to 400.00 (price depends on options selected)