Health Literacy Seminar - Fall 2018

Course Description
Understanding the relationship between health and literacy is essential to the development of effective health communication. National assessments of adult literacy have raised serious concerns about the ability of nearly half of the adult population in the U.S. to access and use health information and services. Furthermore, low health literacy is a barrier to effective health communication, affects health care quality, and contributes to health disparities. This course aims to raise awareness among health professionals regarding health literacy as a public health priority through a skills-oriented seminar. Participants will explore the link between literacy, language, and culture, and how systems barriers impact access to health information and quality health care services. Participants will practice writing and speaking in plain language, and consider how to apply health literacy research to practice. The course will also provide an overview of health literacy interventions being tried in a variety of sectors and explore opportunities for collaboration across fields.

$757.00 with an early registration discount by August 1, 2018. Regular tuition is $947.00.

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