HONR 2010G - Trip to London

HONR 2010G Medical London Culture and Context Field Trip to London

• London, UK
• 3-10 March 2019
• Instructor(s):
………. • Jeffrey Matthew Hoch (jhoch@nova.edu)
………. • Robin Sherman (shermanr@nova.edu)

Medical London - Culture and Context will explore the major topics, discoveries and controversies of biology, the state of science at the time of those events and the social culture that influenced scientists making those discoveries. Many great scientists have lived, worked and made discoveries in London, including Sir Francis Bacon (one of the first true scientists, he died from pneumonia after spending a day stuffing chickens with snow), Robert Hooke (an irascible and secretive renaissance man, discovered cells and co-founded Royal Society), Charles Darwin (the meek, but always curious discoverer of natural selection), Alfred Russel Wallace (Darwin’s nearly forgotten collaborator and co-discoverer of natural selection), Alexander Fleming (whose dirty lab provided the perfect environment to discover antibiotics growing on moldy lab equipment), and Rosalind Franklin (co-discoverer of the structure of DNA, but denied credit due to sexism). Many other biological and medical breakthroughs will be covered.

The class will also include discussions of the most important and instructive scientific scandals and controversies that took place in London, including the social impact of the theory of evolution, “The Brown Dog Affair” (a major scandal of cruelty to animals in medical research), the Eugenics movement (the controversial social movement to control human population genetics) and modern questions of intellectual property and gene patenting. Our field trip to London will include visits to sites of historical discovery, the homes of important scientists and to museums housing collections and artefacts related to their discoveries.

Payment Schedule:

Total Cost $2,500
………. • Deposit of $1,000 due on October 29, 2018
………. • Final Payment of $1,500 due on December 1, 2018
………. • Student housing in London (currently planned to be with Acorn London)
………. • Round trip airfare from Fort Lauderdale to London
………. • Travel and admission at Darwin’s Down House and several other museums
………. • Travel insurance
………. • Tuition and fees for HONR 2010G course
………. • Personal expenses,
………. • Meals
………. • Local travel in London (for example taxi, Underground, bus)

All payments are non-refundable. In the event the university must cancel the trip refunds will be provided.

Questions? Contact:
Jeannie Jaworski, Director of International Affairs
or (954) 262-8674