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NSPF Water Chemistry Basics

NSPF Water Chemistry Basics
The Water Chemistry Basics online training course is designed to get pool owners, retailers, builders, distributors, manufacturers, and other aquatic professionals up to speed on the basics of water chemistry, water testing and chemical dosing. The course will help people gain the knowledge required to effectively maintain their pools or help retailers serve their customers in the aquatics field. The basics courses, including Pool & Spa Basics, were designed to help those new to the industry or those that just need a basic understanding to help keep pools safer for swimmers. Students will learn about: water balance, proper disinfection, calculations for breakpoint chlorination, how to handle fecal related contamination and other recreational water illnesses, learn how to calculate for correct water balance using the saturation index, recognizing factors to consider when choosing disinfectant, understanding operating practices that help prevent the spread of diseases in the pool environment. The training is dynamic and self-paced, making learning easier. Each course contains narration, video, images, quizzes and other interactive learning tools to engage the student.
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