The College Level Examination Program is available to NWACC students and the community.

All CLEP exams require the student to pay a $35 proctor fee to NWACC prior to testing.
All CLEP exams require an $90 CLEP fee paid, prior to testing, through the CLEP webpage:

Please refer to the current NWACC Catalog for a list of credits accepted by NWACC. If you are not an NWACC student, please check your institutions catalog.

Terms and Agreement for CLEP Exam

• You are requesting to take a CLEP exam at the NWACC Testing Center.

• You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to check with my school regarding which exams they accept and their score requirements.

• You understand and agree that it is your responsibility to register your exam on

•You understand that you must bring your CLEP Exam Registration Ticket on test day.

• You understand that CLEP exams are offered Mon-Thurs from 9:00am - 4:00pm and that CLEP exams are never offered on Fridays.
You are required to have a valid Photo ID in order to test.
Masks are highly recommended on campus.

Same day appointment requests are not accepted. Specific day/times are not guaranteed. Seating is limited.
Your order will be processed through the testing center and then you will be sent an email afterwards. Appointments are NOT set until you get a confirmation email of your appointment.

*Check your email that you ordered the exam with!

• You understand that if you need to change your appointment date; you will be required to pay an additional, non-refundable, $15 reschedule fee before a new appointment is scheduled.

• I understand that I must cancel a test 48 hours prior to the testing appointment in order to receive a refund for the testing fees. Fees will be forfeited for appointments canceled with less than 48 hours notice.

• No personal items will be allowed into the testing room. Please see our website at for a complete list of prohibited items. Failure to comply with securing these items means that your test will not be administered.

• You understand that computer administered tests may have technical difficulties beyond the control of Testing Center staff.

• You understand and agree to abide by NWACC Testing Center Rules and Academic Integrity Policy.

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