Season Pass

Season Pass valid during the 2021-2022 Season.

Please be advised: Mont Ripley strictly adheres to the Michigan Ski Area Safety Act. Copies of our policy and the Safety Act are posted and available for your review.

The purchaser of this season pass assumes and understands that skiing and snowboarding are hazardous sports. Bare spots, variations in snow, ice, and terrain, along with bumps, jumps, moguls, stumps, forest growth, debris and rocks, along with the possibility of active grooming and snowmaking and many other hazards or obstacles exist within this ski area. In using this season pass and skiing and snowboarding at the area, such dangers are recognized and accepted whether marked or unmarked. Participants realize that falls and collisions do occur, and injuries may result, and therefore assumes the burden of skiing and snowboarding under control at all times.


Season passes are not transferable and must remain with original passholder. Any transfer from original passholder to a second party will result in immediate revocation of pass privileges and the assessment of a fine. Forgery of a season pass will result in the loss of privileges and prosecution by the local authorities to the fullest extent. Michigan Tech students may be subject to punishment and/or restitution by the Dean of Students.

Hours are subject to change during holidays, special event and Winter Carnival. All lifts might not run concurrently on a daily basis. Changes in the schedule are at the sole discretion of the Mont Ripley management.

Please review our latest COVID-19 policies and protocols before visiting the ski area. Protocols are subject to change based on the health and safety level determined by Michigan Tech.

Thank you for your purchase and for your continued support of Mont Ripley.