May 29, 2019

Course Description:

This course will provide procedures for creating a HandlingPRO virtual workcell. When completed, the workcell created will contain a FANUC robot with end-of-arm tooling, one or more fixtures for holding a part and a robot TPP Program which moves the part from one fixture to the other. More specifically, the student will:

Course Objectives: One Day Course (HandlingPRO Intro)

    • Create a new workcell

    • Edit the robot properties

    • Add a part to the workcell

    • Add End-of-Arm Tooling to the robot

    • Add a pick fixture to the workcell

    • Add a place fixture to the workcell

    • Create/run a robot program

    • Run production in step-by-step and continuous modes

    • Create an AVI of the workcell

Prerequisite: HandlingTool Operation and Programming course or Robot Operations course

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