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May 4, 2019

Course Description:

This course is intended for the person who operates or may be required to perform maintenance on a System R-J or higher controller with a standard application software package. It covers the tasks and procedures needed to reach the course goals with both classroom instruction and hands-on training. The course does not address the set up and operation of specific software features and options.

Registered students will be provided with on-line modules four (4) weeks prior to the training. The on-line modules introduce the theoretical aspect of the material taught in the course. Hands-on 8-hour training will be conducted at Michigan Tech and will consist of 7 laboratory exercises. In addition to lab exercises, a pre-test and post-test are used to measure mastery of objectives.

Course Objectives:

  • Operate the Teach Pendant

  • Navigate the Controller Software

  • Power up and Jog the Robot

  • Power down the Robot

  • Perform all Jog Methods WORLD

  • TOOL

  • USER



  • Recover from common program and robot faults

  • Execute production operations

  • Execute a MACRO program

  • Create, modify and execute a teach pendant Touchup program point

  • Teach motion instructions

  • Monitor I/O signals

  • Backup and restore individual programs and files

    Prerequisites: None

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