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IT/Computer Applications

  • Business QuickBooks

    Do you need a quick start to using QuickBooks? This class will include hands-on experience with QuickBooks software. You will learn how to: set up a business; pay and enter expenses, deposits and invoices; complete the payroll set-up, understand the reports of income and balance sheet; handle exemptions of inventory; depreciation and loan payments; make corrections when things are wrong; and prepare for income tax time.


  • Using Excel for Your Business

    Excel can easily automate your standard business transactions. We will cover the basic math and formatting skills. Business applications will include how to sort data, do budgets, financial analysis, charts and accepting data from QuickBooks. We will discuss logical if statements, loan payment functions, linking spreadsheets, date functions and basic statistics. We will look at several business spreadsheets to see how they work and do some applications based on the class needs.