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  • Drug Testing Training

    Are you in compliance with the provisions of the Iowa Drug Testing statute or the DOT drug testing requirements? If not, Gayla Harrison of Harrison, Moreland, Webber & Simplot Law Firm, will be conducting a 2-hour training that will cover the requirements mandated by the Iowa Drug Testing Law. The training will cover the recognition of evidence of employee alcohol or drug use, documentation of employee drug or alcohol abuse and action plans for employees who abuse alcohol or drugs.


  • Employment Law for Supervisors

    Today’s workplace can be extremely complex and frustrating unless one knows the basics. This workshop will help you understand employment law in 8 hours. Topics include hiring, handling attendance and leave of absence issues, discipline and discharge, discrimination and related topics. The target audience is: New supervisors, existing supervisors wanting a refresher on new information regarding human resource matters and human resource personnel with limited experience.


  • Distracted to Productive

    E-mail. Texts. Interruptions. Project Transitions. Office Clutter. Social and Other Media. Your Smart Phones and Tablets. Even Family and Friends. How do you manage all of these "squirrels" that are driving you crazy? These key "distractors" sometimes make it almost impossible to get anything done. But with some forethought and effective strategies, as well as some personal discipline, it is more than possible to find your focus once again, even in a hyper-distracted world.


  • Sexual Harrassment: Protect your Employees & your Business

    Building an effective sexual harassment policy goes beyond just a paragraph in the employee handbook. Discuss not only the written policy, but how to train employees and make sure you have an effective reporting mechanism in place. Do not find yourself in the news for all the wrong reasons!