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Leadership Series

  • Influencers: A Leadership Series for Mid-Level Learners

    Individuals in a mid-level leadership position can see themselves in either one of two ways, stuck in the middle or the ultimate influencer. While you don’t always have control over big picture decisions, you do have influence. Your influence radiates equally, it goes upward to the ones who do make the big picture decisions and downward to the teams you lead. Make the most of your influence by implementing some new leadership strategies this year!


  • Razor’s Edge Leadership Series – New or Emerging Leaders

    We have completely revamped our longest running leadership program this year, adding more content geared toward individuals who are supervising people for the first time and bringing on leadership experts from our area to act as mentors for participants in the program. This program will now be a full-day each month instead of a half day. The morning session will focus on supervisory skills and the afternoon will feature leadership speakers and time spent with our mentors.


    $699.00 - $999.00

    (depends on options selected)