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Relationship Selling in the Trust Economy

Savvy selling today takes a problem-centered approach designed to create a foundation of trust. It respects the fact that buyers now have access to abundant information and are seeking a personal relationship with people in a business before they will embark on a journey with it. • Learn how to use social media and other digital marketing technology to complement traditional practices for helping buyers to know, like and trust you and your team. • Learn how to build a repeatable sales process that acts as a guidance system that gives buyers con dence by showing them not just what you can do to solve their problems, but how and why. • Discover how to increase sales to current and future customers by removing obstacles, both real and imagined, that stand between them and a silky-smooth relationship with your business.



Ottumwa Campus, Rural Health Education Center, Room 108


Feb. 21, 2018


9:30 to 11:30 a.m.

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