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E-Commerce Application

In order to establish E-Commerce activity (via TouchNet Marketplace uStore or uPay site) the following information is required. The Controller's Office will review the request for approval and forward to Financial Systems Management and Information Technology for processing. (The person initiating this request will be notified whether or not the application has been approved.) Please click here to view the Policy & Procedures for E-Commerce solutions.

If you are unsure how to respond to the following questions, please contact the Financial Systems Management office for assistance. Submission of this information is part of the preliminary process and does not complete the request/setup process. The person initiating this request will be contacted for more information as the process continues.
  • Each Marketplace uStore/uPay site will be created with a generic header image as seen on this page. To request a header image specific to your project, please contact Financial Systems Management
  • Please email supplemental documentation for this request (.pdf, .doc., etc.) to Financial Systems Management.
Cost Centers/Revenue Object Codes are subject to approval. (Please use the Additional Comments field if you require approval for more than 3 Cost Centers/Revenue Object Codes.)

Please allow 3 weeks minimum for your project to be completed.