Boeing High School Scholar Program

11 Full Scholarships and 8 Partial Scholarships are being offered for Summer 2020. Scholarships do not cover travel expenses to or from camp. There are Boeing Scholarship spaces available in the following camps: Aerospace Career Exploration (Alpha, Bravo, Charlie and Delta), Computer Coding, Computer Engineering and 3D Printing.

Scholarship Requirements:

  • have a 3.0 GPA or better
  • be able to prove financial need
  • submit a one page essay (requirements below)
  • minorities and females are strongly encouraged to apply

The one page essay must be a response to the questions:

What innovations do you see in the future of Aerospace engineering?

Why is attending this program important to you?

Both questions must be answered in the essay and the essay MUST be submitted in order for your scholarship application to be considered. Applications submitted without an essay will not be considered for the scholarship. Click here to upload your essay as an email attachment. Please have your subject line read “Boeing Essay”

Applicants do NOT need to pay the $250 deposit to apply for a scholarship.

Scholarships will be granted on a rolling basis. All awards will be given out by May 26, 2020.

To begin the scholarship application process, please click Continue and complete the form (disregard the price and quantity shown).