Code42 CrashPlan

Code42 CrashPlan

CCIT has partnered with Code42 to provide a workstation disaster recovery/backup service for campus faculty and staff. This service allows campus faculty and staff to backup data that would be detrimental to the operations of the University or research if lost.

This is a one (1) year subscription for CrashPlan that will allow a single user to use CrashPlan on up to four devices. The subscription cycle runs from July to June to align with Clemson’s fiscal calendar, and mid-year purchases will not be prorated. At this time, no refunds will be issued. Users must have a “” email address to purchase a license.

If the customer chooses the IDO option, the full cost will be removed from the request. Please note you are still responsible for $82 per account for the number accounts you indicate with the dropdown with this request. CCIT will charge your account via IDO upon receipt of your request.