Virtual Student Summit

Virtual Student Summit

Thank you for your interest in registering for the Virtual Summit hosted by Clemson University's Office of College Preparation & Outreach. This summit is designed to educate, inspire, and empower high school students located in the state of South Carolina and beyond. During this summit you can expect to hear from a variety of speakers that will hold interactive sessions about the college admissions process, financial aid options, strategies for academic success in high school, leadership development, mental health and self-care and much more. We are excited to welcome Lamman Rucker as our keynote speaker!

Please fill out the form below to reserve your spot for the summit. The registration deadline is November 4, 2021. The Zoom information to access the summit will be sent out during the week before the summit. Please contact Iman Johnson at with any questions.

This following portion of the registration must be reviewed by the parent/guardian. This form acknowledges that the student has registered and been approved by their parent/guardian to participate in the Clemson University 2021 Virtual Student Summit happening Saturday, 11/6 from 10am-3pm.

Please review each point to acknowledge that the parent/guardian and student agrees to each. We want to make sure you are aware that when the student signs on to any one of our Zoom links, the following information is understood and agreed upon:

  • The student’s participation in the Virtual Student Summit is entirely voluntary.
  • I, the parent/guardian, may withdraw my consent of my student’s participation in the summit at any time by sending an email to me at in which I indicate that I am withdrawing my consent.
  • The Virtual Student Summit will be conducted using the video-conferencing platform Zoom. Portions of the summit may be recorded and your child’s picture and voice could be seen and/or heard.
  • The Virtual Student Summit will be conducted with Zoom’s video and audio functions enabled. This means that if the student turns on their camera, they and a portion of their surroundings will be visible. In addition, other participants and presenters will be able to hear the student’s voice and possibly some background noise and the student will be able to see the presenter, hear the presenter’s voice and possibly some background noise.
  • The Virtual Student Summit will be conducted with Zoom’s “share screen” function disabled. This means that the student’s screen will be not be visible to other participants and the presenters and only the presenter’s screen will be visible to the student.
  • The student will not be within Clemson's custody or control during the Virtual Summit and Clemson will not be responsible for their health or safety during the Virtual Student Summit.
  • I retain sole responsibility for my child’s health and safety during the summit.
  • I hereby save, hold harmless, discharge and release Clemson, its current and former trustees, officers, agents, employees and representatives from any and all liability, claims, causes of actions, damages or demands of any kind and nature whatsoever arising out of or related to my child’s participation in the Virtual Summit whether caused by Clemson's negligence or carelessness, its representatives or otherwise. It is my express intent that this liability waiver shall forever bind my spouse, the members of my family and my estate, heirs, administrators, personal representatives and assigns.