The Tree in the Mind: Poems

The Tree in the Mind: Poems, by Ronald Moran (Clemson, SC: Clemson University Digital Press, 2014), viii+82 pp. Paper. ISBN 978-0-9890826-5-5

"Ultimately, this book about love and loss becomes a celebration and an expression of gratitude. No more stirring tribute to the power of another in our life, to a relationship, to love, has been written. Nor has there been anything more helpful for any who face the prospect of living with a loved one's dying. Moran has achieved these most poetic of ambitions, catharsis and relevance, transforming his life into art that is transformative for the rest of us."

-Scott Owens

The Tree in the Mind is the fifth installment in a series of poetry collections Ronald Moran has published with CUP.

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