Fall 2022 Food2Market Workshop

Fall 2022 Food2Market Workshop

Food2Market is a Clemson Extension program designed to help food entrepreneurs through the many steps of food safety regulations that are necessary to prepare food products for sale. Our faculty and staff have extensive knowledge in food safety, food processing and packaging and the federal and state regulations that are necessary in South Carolina to produce your products for sale. The first segment of this class is designed to learn and discuss for several weeks, and then Segment 2 is a one-day, in-person class in Columbia.

Price includes on-line registration, in-person class with lunch, and a certificate.

When: The online class starts on August 31. The in-person class is November 4
Where: The in-person part of the class will be held at the Phillips Market Center, 117 Ballard Court, West Columbia, SC 29172
Price: $195