Soul of the Beast

Soul of the Beast, by Wes Phelan (Clemson, SC: Clemson University Digital Press, 2012), vi, 116 pp. Paper. ISBN: 978-0-9835339-6-2

John Sexton has everything: wealth, the privileges of British society, and a Curse that kills the men of his family. Hoping to escape his fate, John boards a ship to South Africa, but the sense of imminent death follows him. Then a letter from Australia catches up to John. His grandfather has found the key to finding the SOUL OF THE BEAST, an ancient mystery with powers that can break the Curse. His grandfather offers the key to John, but he must come to Australia to receive it. John immediately boards a ship. As he walks down the gangplank in Australia, John becomes the target of an assassin cult. The cult’s purpose is to kill John and take the key and the Soul of the Beast for themselves. Assassins pursue John across continents and mountains, and into the hidden and deadly world of the Soul of the Beast.

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