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Pee Dee Region Pullet Chain Project

Pee Dee Region Pullet Chain Project

Pee Dee Region Pullet Chain Project

4-H Poultry Projects engage youth in learning life skills while having fun raising chickens. Throughout South Carolina, youth have the option to participate in a variety of poultry projects. In the The 4-H Pullet Chain, youth raise day old chicks for 5 to 7 months where youth care for, train, and prepare for a show and/or final sale.

Breed Selections:
Golden Comets: The Comet has been widely acclaimed in all areas of the world where brown eggs are preferred. The Comet pullet is easily one of the finest brown egg layers available today. They mature early and lay eggs of excellent size and quality. She is an extremely quiet bird, that seems to be able to withstand the colder, non-insulated, laying houses of the small flock owner, better than most breeds. The Comet is a buff sex-link strain. The chicks may be sexed by color, pullets red-roosters white. When mature, the Comet pullet is golden red in color, but has some white showing through in her neck and back.

Rhode Island Reds: If you are striving for the "Peak" in egg production and still want a heavy bird with good market possibilities, these Reds are for you. A check of national egg laying contest records will reveal the superior egg laying qualities of this breed.

Cuckoo Marans: Know best for their distinctive chocolate brown eggs. The Cuckoo Maran is a rare breed that adapts well to confinement. They resemble a Barred Plymouth Rock. Marans lay the darkest eggs of any breed and are a nice dual purpose bird.

Please note: There is a $10 general registration fee added per order of birds. 4-H Members participating in the final 4-H auction, bringing 4 of their 12 chicks back will receive a $40 deposit after the final show/auction. Any returned fees/deposits, are ONLY from the chick prices, not additional sibling fees or membership fees. Youth must participate in the Pee Dee Regional show, complete their record book, and auction/sale their 4 pullets to have $40 refunded as a “deposit”. Additional awards/prizes earned may vary at county/multi-county, regional or state level.

To participate in this project, you must become a SC 4-H member. 4-H membership is $10 per year and includes a 4-H t-shirt and membership card. Your 4-H agent will be in touch with you after registration.

Periodically throughout the project year, youth and their families will receive a project newsletter that will provide valuable information to ensure that the youth are setup to succeed. Note that SC 4-H poultry project opportunities and shows are offered through local county 4-H programs.

Option 1: 12 Golden Comets- $50
Option 2: 12 Rhode Island Reds- $50
Option 3: 12 Cuckoo Marans- $53
Option 4: Sibling Fee: $5

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Prices range from $5.00 to $53.00 (price depends on options selected)

Horry County Cooperative Extension

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